Fresno Madera Farm Credit Distributes $4.6 Million To Members

As a farmer-owned cooperative, Fresno Madera Farm Credit operates for the benefit of its membership, and after meeting its financial requirements each year, returns a portion of profits to the members. “Fresno Madera Farm Credit’s patronage program is an important part of our value proposition as a member-owned financial institution,” stated Jeff Jue, Chairman of the Board.

During 2014, Fresno Madera Farm Credit posted a net profit of $15.8 million and managed to reduce operating expenses, and maintain strong credit quality. Since 2012, Fresno Madera Farm Credit has returned more than $16 million in cash patronage payments to its members. “Our sole focus on serving agriculture, along with our patronage program, go a long way in distinguishing Fresno Madera Farm Credit from other lenders,” indicated President and CEO Keith Hesterberg. “We are working hard to stay ahead of our members’ needs and to serve them by creating the best possible customer experience.”

Founded in 1917, FMFC is a privately-held, farmer-owned cooperative located in one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world. FMFC provides financial services to farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses that grow, process and market more than 350 crops in Fresno and Madera counties. FMFC’s Board and staff are committed to providing constructive, consistent and reliable credit to all eligible borrowers. With more than $1 billion in loan volume, FMFC continues to focus on providing credit to all eligible and creditworthy agricultural producers in Fresno and Madera Counties.